Defeat discouragement

The devil isn’t playing around.
He never wavers from distancing people from Jesus.
That’s his existence.

He’s the complete opposite of Jesus.

Jesus, the king of redemption…
The devil, deception.

Jesus, the king of truth…
The devil, lies.

Jesus, the king of love…
The devil, hate.

So, when you have thoughts of discouragement…
You know who delivered it.
It’s not Jesus.

It doesn’t align to anything in the Bible.
It’s devil-delivered.

It’s trying to damage your faith.
It’s trying to drag you down.
It’s trying to hurt.

So, when you have thoughts of discouragement…
Keep that in mind.
It’ll help.

It’ll shift your perspective.
You’ll have clarity.
It’s the devil.

You’re not a victim of those thoughts!
You’re a conquerer!

You don’t need to accept them!
Reject them!

You have God-given power and authority!
(Luke 10:19)

You just have to use it!
Use it!

“You have no place in my life, devil!”
“Take your thoughts and get away, devil!”
“I know who I am in Christ, devil!”
“I am victorious, devil!”

That’s the way we need to operate!
That’s living in strength!

That’s what God wants!
Come on now!

We’re not here to get beat up!
We’re here to stand up!

When we resist the devil, he runs away.
(James 4:7)

Send him running away.
Resist him.

That discouragement will go with him.
It has no home with you.

You are wonderful.
(Psalm 139:13)

You have purpose.
(Ephesians 2:10)

You are what God says.
You are never what the devil says.
Don’t forget that.



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