Are you available?

Are you available?
Are you available to be used by God?

Many of us would probably reply of course, while at the same time holding on to things we desire, things we want in our lives.

Many of us would probably say, if God wants me to volunteer for something of course, I’m in, I want to be obedient to God.

But my career, well that’s a different story, that I want to control.

Yeah God, anything you want… but I really like living where I live, so I’m up for whatever you want for my life, as long as it doesn’t involve moving.

Yeah God, I’m submitting to whatever you want for my life, but I really want to be in a relationship with this person, so I’m here for you Lord, but I really like being with this person, so whatever you want, aside from not being in a relationship with this person.

Being truly available means letting go of whatever you want and saying “Lord, use me to do what you want.” … in every aspect of your life.

That can be a very scary thing to say.

It means wanting the unknown, but the beauty is wanting it from a known, stable, always been there for you, always will be there for you, always loved you beyond what you can imagine, always will love you beyond what you can imagine God, who didn’t create you by accident, but created you with a specific purpose, a purpose that will glorify God, and make you fulfilled and filled with peace.

My encouragement to you today is… let go.

God has great things for you.
Trust that the one who created you, who created everything, knows what’s best for you, knows what will bring you joy more than you know yourself.


Release things that you are holding a grip onto and say “Lord, I’m available.”

You will feel peace fill you.
You will feel tension leave you.

Releasing your life completely to God, doesn’t mean your dreams won’t happen.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have a life that you desire.

But it does mean how those things unfold, how they come to pass will be driven by prayer and how God nudges you… a path that may be completely different from what you envision.

We all want control, but I believe we all want fulfillment, and peace, and impact with our lives more.

So if it feels hard to let go of something… if it feels hard to completely trust God with something… let thoughts of fulfillment and peace and your life making great impact fill your mind… because submission to God, means God has the ability to fully use you in the way He created you to be used… and like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into its place… you’ll be positioned perfectly in God’s Kingdom, where God created you to be.

And when you are living in the place God intended you to be, fulfillment, joy, peace, and contentment will fill you. It can’t not fill you.

Be encouraged.

You have a special purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Let God be God.
Let God guide you.
Go to Him consistently in prayer.
Listen and feel for His nudges of direction.

Release whatever you may be clinging to.

And let the journey of fully holding onto God begin.



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