Prayer is the path

I wish I’d asked…
I wish I’d tried…
I wish I’d said…

I wish I’d seen…
I wish I’d known…
I wish I’d done…

Sometimes we can have thoughts like this…
Thoughts of “I wish…”

But, often that’s expecting perfection.
But, we’re not perfect.

There may be some decisions that in reflection you wish you’d handled differently.
But, what’s done is done…
Today is a new day.

While past decisions can be a teacher, the past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.

Don’t let your life be dictated by what’s in your rear view mirror.
What’s ahead of you is far more important…
Keep your focus forward.

Do your best to make the best next decisions…
Not dwell on past decisions.
That’s a distraction.

A beautiful thing about God is that He takes ALL things, and works them together for your benefit.
(Romans 8:28)

But, how do you make the best possible decisions?
It’s not based on your intellect.
It’s not your smarts.

That’s like reading a page out of a book and expecting to understand the story.
You have a glimpse.

But, you have a Helper who knows the entire story.
(John 16:13)

You have supernatural assistance available.
You just need to stay close to God.
You just need to pray.
It’s so simple.

But, as people we can be so prideful.
We often think we know best.
We don’t need to pray.

But, I can assure you that prayer that proceeds decisions…
Will be your best decisions.
You’ll have peace.

And if you don’t, that’s God-given clarity that you shouldn’t proceed.
It doesn’t matter if your logic says it makes sense.
It’ll be a path to problems.

So, make prayer a priority when it comes to making decisions.
You’ll feel a nudge when it’s the right way.
You’ll feel unsettled when it isn’t.
It’s beautiful.

You’ll put yourself exactly where God wants you to be.
You’ll be abundantly blessed.
You’ll be fulfilled.

You’ll be who God-designed you to be.
Prayer is the path.



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