Do the people you know, know you are a Christian?

Christianity isn’t a private faith.
It’s a public one.

God didn’t call us to hold the gospel to ourselves, and be content knowing that our salvation is secure.

No, he called us to share it…
And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” -Mark 16:15, ESV

That doesn’t mean you have to preach at everyone you come into contact with.

But, it does mean that you live your life in a way that exemplifies Christ… a life that seeks to live according to what the Bible guides you to do, as best you can.

Do that and opportunities will be created to share your faith, and when those opportunities present themselves, seize them!

What does that practically mean?

Encourage people.
Help people when you’re able.
Represent your beliefs in casual conversations.

Do that and opportunities will present themselves.
People will take notice.

And that will lead to further conversations, and further opportunities to share your faith.

People aren’t stupid.
People recognize authenticity.

Be authentic with your faith.
Be caring.
Be loving.

That is living Christ-like.
That is what we are called to do.
That is what contributes to spreading the gospel.

Don’t let your faith live in a closet.
Let your faith shine on others by how you live your life.

You will represent Christ well.
You will impact people.



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