Keep a good attitude

It’s easy to have a good attitude on good days.
But what about the hard days?
How’s your attitude then?

Is it full of grumbling or gratitude?

No one goes through life without any challenges.
No one goes through life without any pain.
It’s part of life.

But while you can’t choose every situation you face…
You can choose what attitude you hold.
It’s entirely your choice.

Remember Paul and Silas?
They were severely beaten and wrongly imprisoned.
But their attitude and faith stayed strong.

They prayed and praised.
And what happened?

An earthquake came, the prison was shaken, the chains fell off, and the doors flew open.
(Acts 16:25-26)

You have doors that are going to fly open as well.
God is working things out for your benefit.
(Romans 8:28)

You can trust that good is coming.
It’s a promise.

So, on hard days, know that better days are coming.
God will get you through it.
He’s faithful.

Keep that truth in your mind.
Keep a good attitude.
You’ll feel better.



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