Hear from God

We all want to hear from God.
Who wouldn’t?

Who wouldn’t want crystal clarity that God Himself is communicating with you?
That He wants to give you special wisdom…
Special direction.
What’s better?

But, while most of us want that, so many of us don’t create space to hear from God.

It’s unlikely you’re going to hear Him in an audible voice.
We have to quiet our minds to be receptive to Him.
We have to quiet the space we’re in.

Watching tv, reading a book, or scrolling through your phone… does God have a chance to get your attention?
Not without actually saying, “Hey, God here.”
And that’s unlikely to happen.

We need distraction-free time with God.
It’s through that time that our sensitivity to hear from God, increases.

That’s not to say God won’t nudge you in any type of situation, when you need it.
But, creating quiet time with Him, creates moments where you can give Him your full focus.
Your mind aligned to Him.
You’re in tune.

Sometimes my wife will say something, but I will be in the middle of doing something.
My response, or lack thereof, will lead her to say…
“Are you listening?”

But, if I look at her, if I truly give her my attention… that’s a question she never asks.
She doesn’t need to.
She knows.

And so it is with God.
We’ve got all sort of things that can easily fill our days.
We’ve got tv shows.
We’ve got hobbies.

We’ve got family things.
We’ve got work things.
So many things.

And every day, God is saying without saying…
“Are you listening?”

And our reply?

Not because we’re trying to ignore Him.
But because we didn’t realize anything was said, because we were occupied with everything else.
Our attention, everywhere else.

That can easily be our story, unless we intentionally carve out time each day for Him.
Time prioritized to pray.
Time to read the Word.
Time to be still.
Time to listen.

Those are moments when you’re open.
He can speak to your heart, and you’re receptive to hear it.
He has your attention.
You’re in tune.

Don’t take my word for it.
Try it.

Make it a habit for a week, for a month.
See what happens.

Don’t let anything steal that time.
Protect it.

You’ve got nothing to lose…
Only good to gain.

It’s just your decision…
Your effort.

“I don’t know what to do about a situation.”
“I want clarity from God.”

If that’s you…
The keys are sitting on the table.
Grab them.

Choose time with God, each day.
No distractions.
Try it.

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”
(Jeremiah 29:13, NLT)

Time with Him is the path to find Him.
It’s opportunity to hear from Him.
So, make time for Him.



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