God wants to love you.
God wants to encourage you.
God wants to use you.
God wants you to step into the purpose He has for your life.
God wants you to listen to Him.
God wants to guide you.
God wants you to be in consistent prayer and communication with Him.
God wants you close to Him.
God wants what’s best for you.
God wants you to be full of joy.
God wants you to know His Word.
God wants you to live His Word.
God wants to do amazing things in your life.
God wants to do things in your life that leave you in awe, and leave you praising and glorifying Him.
God wants you full of peace.

God is greater than anything we can imagine.
God is all knowing.
God is unchanging.
God is all loving.
God is all powerful

God knows you by name.
God watches over you.
God puts His hedge of protection around you.
God opens up doors to opportunities and situations, that are just for you.
God has created you do to things that only you are qualified to do.

There is no fear in God.
There is no worry of provision in God.
There is no, that’s not possible with God.

God is a miracle worker.
God is a healer.
God wants you to feel His presence.

God doesn’t want your days full of distractions.
God wants quality time with you, each day.

Let this be a reminder, of how good God is, how wonderful He is, and how special it is that you can have a relationship with Him.



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