Start with prayer

We’re full of thoughts.
We’re thinking about today, and tomorrow.
We’re thinking about next week, next month, next year.
We’re figuring things out.
We’re strategizing.
We’re planning.

And while being thoughtful is wonderful…
Being prayerful is powerful.

So, don’t let prayer be an afterthought…
Let it be a starting spot.

You’ll be infinitely better off.
You’ll avoid mistakes.

You’ll tap into God’s endless, perfect wisdom.
(James 1:5)

You’ll put Him in His proper place…
In first place.

Your life will be God-led…
Not God-bailed out.

You’ll save yourself stress.
You’ll sleep sweeter.

You’re always better off starting with prayer.
It’s wisdom in everything you do.
It’s a God-given gift.

So, I want to encourage you…
Start with prayer.

You’ll live a God-aligned life.
You’ll live your best life.

Live that life.



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