About Me

Hi, I’m Steinar Skipsnes, the founder of Faith Up.

My family is from Norway, which is where my name, pronounced Stein-er Skips-ness, comes from.

I was born and raised in the Seattle area, where I currently live with my wife and kids.

Why did I start Faith Up?

Well, it started with thinking about what my thoughts might be as an old man.

What would I wish I had done?

And one thing stood out.

I would wish I had done more to serve the Lord.

So, here we go.

Faith Up is the vehicle that I hope to serve the Lord through, as best as I can.

Today that means publishing Biblically-based words of encouragement.

Perhaps one day it may mean something else.

But, whatever it may be, I will seek to make God-led decisions that serve Him.

I hope Faith Up blesses you.