Relax, let God be God.

You need to stop worrying. You need to take a deep breath and relax. God is right with you in your situation. God has never not been there for you. God will never not be there for you. You can trust that He will guide you. You can trust that He will work in your […]


God wants to loves you. God wants to encourage you. God wants to use you. God wants you to step into the purpose He has for your life. God wants you to listen to Him. God wants to guide you. God wants you to be in consistent prayer and communication with Him. God wants you […]

Increase your thankfulness, and you’ll increase your happiness.

It’s so easy to take what we have for granted. Be it anything from relationships to health to food in the fridge. But, taking things for granted, strips us of thankfulness, which leads to happiness. Be diligent in recognizing all the blessings in your life. You’ll see your happiness increase. The Bible is our guide […]

Fight for time with God, daily.

Fight for time with God, daily. Fight for prioritizing time with Him and time in the Word, daily. The world is full of shiny things, vying for your attention. There has never in the history of the world been more things to entertain, all endlessly available on all the screens we look at daily… and […]

God’s Word is victorious, so let our thoughts be victorious.

Thoughts, dictate feelings. Where our thoughts go, our feelings follow. We can choose to fill our minds with negative, self defeating thoughts… that will lead to lousy, self defeated feelings. Or, we can choose to fill our minds with positive, uplifting, encouraging thoughts… thoughts that build us up, make us strong, and project us forward. […]

A day without prayer, is a day without power.

What do you when you’re faced with a challenging situation? What’s your immediate reaction? Is it to grit your teeth and figure out a way to deal with the situation? Is it find someone to help? It it to quit whatever it is? It may be all of the above, depending on the situation, but […]


God spoke the world into existence. The beauty. The complexity. The detail. His power is beyond comprehension. How wonderful is it that He loves us, desires a close relationship with us, and has great plans arranged for each of us. Enjoy that truth. -Steinar

Reminder: Pray for wisdom.

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you…” -James 1:5, NLT Power. What a verse. We all need as much wisdom as possible. And this verse tells us all we have to do is ask. Are you asking? What struggles or conflict or avoidable circumstances are we going […]

Your impact is greater than you know.

We live in a society that tends judge anything that’s bigger, as better. Such as, a pastor of a big church must be better than a pastor of a smaller church. Or, preaching is more impactful than greeting people who arrive at church or helping set up chairs. God’s Kingdom doesn’t work like that. Everyone […]

Show up.

You have so much untapped potential. Whether you are 18, 80 or any other age… you have fire power in you, to be used by God, to make an impact for Him. We just need to do our part, and show up! Carve time out. Put your best effort in. Take steps forward, in what […]