Prayer, the right way

I’ve heard some people wonder if they’re praying the “right” way.
Does God want prayers a certain way?
Is there a perfect way?

It’s sincerity.
That’s it.

A sincere prayer is a perfect prayer.
It’s an authentic prayer.
It’s an honest prayer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short prayer.
Or, a long prayer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s said inside of you, spoken, shouted, or sung… is it sincere?
Is it your open heart to God?
If so, it’s perfect.

God loves truth.
God is truth.

Your open, sincere, authentic, honest words are your truth.
It’s your pure communication with God.
That’s perfection.

So, don’t worry about a special way to pray.
There’s no special way.
Just a sincere way.

Let your prayers be whatever they’ll be…
Whatever’s on your heart.
That’s your purity…
Your perfection.

That’s your truest sincerity.
Pray that way.



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