Empty your envy

When our eyes wander, we wonder…
Why them? Why not me?
It’s envy.

It’s a path to pain.
It hurts others.
It hurts you.

“… envy rots the bones.”
(Proverbs 14:30, NIV)

The Bible tells story after story of envy…
From Cain’s murder of Abel to Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers to the religious leaders’ envy of Jesus.

It’s been in our history.
It continues to ripple through society.
It’s destructive.

And social media just feeds envy’s fuel.
We see what others have, their life highlights…
And we start wondering, and wanting.

Unless our hearts are in a healthy place, social media is gas on the fire of envy.

It distracts us from the good things God’s given us.
It depletes our thankfulness.
It disrupts our peace.
It’s draining.

It doesn’t belong in your life.
It’s evil.

And it knows no bounds.
It welcomes all.
It eats all.

It could be a married person, envious of a single person…
A single person, envious of a married person.
Envy can take root in anyone…
In any situation.

It doesn’t discriminate.
It simply destroys.

And that’s why the devil loves it.
Because it is, who he is.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy…”
(John 10:10, NLT)

It steals peace.
It kills thankfulness.
It destroys joy.

It’s a favorite tool of the devil.
So, stay clear of it.

But, how?

Thoughts of thankfulness.
Those thoughts will wash your mind of envy.
It’s a shield to envy.

It will put a smile on your face.
It will generate joy.

It’s the opposite of envy.
It’s the antidote.

So, cleanse envy.
Fertilize your mind with thoughts of thankfulness.
You’ll empty your mind of envy.
You’ll infuriate the devil.
You’ll feel good.



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