God’s map, not your map

We like to plan.
We like to figure things out.
We like to decide.

But, it’s God’s perspective that matters most.
We’ve got to make prayer our starting point, not an afterthought.
It’s not about deciding what we want to do, and then injecting some prayer asking God to make it true.
God’s not a wish grantor.
He’s not a genie.

He’s our map, and He knows where we need to go.
He knows the best path to take.
He wants to tell you.

Starting in prayer, is showing your dependence, your obedience.
It’s prioritizing God’s perspective.
It’s honoring His wisdom.
It’s smart.

The Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years, not because it was the only way, but because it was their way, their lack of faith, their disobedience.
That was their choice.

Their journey should have been short.
They made their choice.

And just like them, you’re free to choose.
Is your map going to guide you?
Or, God’s map?

Praying your way through life, is choosing God’s map.
Every other avenue is inferior.
He’s the King navigator.

He’ll get you exactly where you need to be, in the best way.
It’s a joy filled journey to see God’s fingerprints all over your life.
There’s nothing better.

And if right now you’re on a rocky road, because of wrong turns…
Don’t worry.

You may be well into your journey…
That’s ok.

There’s no situation that God can’t correct.
Steer back to Him.

You’ll get back on the right road, in the right direction, by getting back to prayer…
By getting back to God.

Make prayer your starting point.
Make God your map.

You’ll end up exactly where you should be…
On your way to where you should go.
Enjoy the ride.



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