Feel better

Gratefulness and lousiness don’t live together.
The more you elevate your gratefulness, the more you’ll suffocate lousiness.

Gratefulness is a shortcut to a better mood.
Do you want a better mood?
Get more thankful.

It may seem so simple, but it’s often forgettable.
We get wrapped up in life, and what’s in front of us is what we think about.

So, if you’re not feeling great today…
Get more thankful today.

It’s fuel that feeds happiness.
So, saturate your mind with thankfulness.
You’ll feel a difference.

You have so much to be thankful for.
You just need to stop, and specifically think about it.
You have a long list.

It’s longer than you realize.
Write it down.

You’ll see just how long it is.
You’ll run out of space.

Use that list to reread whenever you need a boost.
You’ll feel better every time you read it.
It’s truth about you.

It’s what God tells us.
It’s to be thankful.
(1 Thes. 5:18)



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