God’s involved

If you have a worry about anything today…
I just want to remind you…
God’s involved.

You will be taken care of.
Whether it’s a door that needs to be opened.
Whether it’s provision.
Whether it’s wisdom.
Whether it’s…

Whatever it may be…
God’s involved.

You will always be taken care of.
It’s a Biblical promise.
(Matthew 6:26)

Rest in that promise.
Exhale your worry.
Release it.

He’s faithful.
He’s true.

Your thoughts of wonder…
Shift them to thoughts of expectation.
Your answer is coming.
God’s involved.

You want to know “how”?
It doesn’t matter.

Stay focused on “who”.
God’s involved.

The how is clear in hindsight.
The how is clear now.
God’s involved.



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