Let go

Are you holding on to something that you feel isn’t what God wants for you, but you want it so bad, you don’t want to let it go?

Let me encourage you to… Let. It. Go.

Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.

I get it. It’s so hard to let it go because you’re afraid God’s not going to make it happen, so you keep tying to make it happen in your own strength.

That feeling that you should let go… that’s God telling you to let go. It’s His nudge that this isn’t the path for you. And the more you fight it, and the more you try to push through to make this happen, the more you’ll feel this isn’t right… this isn’t a path you have peace about following.

Peace is God. Peace is direction from God. Uneasy internal feelings about pursuing something is God guiding you away from that path.

It’s so hard to let go because you want to accomplish that thing or get that thing. It’s so hard because you want it so bad, but if God is giving you that uneasy feeling internally, you’re fighting to go the wrong direction.

God has a purpose and plan for each of us. And His plan, His will for each of us is our best life. It’s our most fulfilling life. It’s our happiest life. It’s our most content life. It’s our perfect fit.

Outside of His will is just us trying to shove the piece of the puzzle that we are into a part of the puzzle (His Kingdom) that doesn’t fit. And that will never feel satisfying because we weren’t built for that specific part. We weren’t built to fit there.

We may try to jam ourselves into that part of the puzzle, and with enough force point and say “see, this piece, me, goes right there, right where I want to go”… but everyone can see it was jammed in there… maybe corners were bent, a piece cut off… it’s just so clear that it, you, was forced into fitting there… it, you, wasn’t designed for that spot.

Your greatest you is where you were designed to fit.

God designed you with a combination of talents, gifts, personality that no one else has. And what do we do? We see other people who we (think we) want to be, and strive to be like that person… just trying to bend ourselves to be like their God given design.

That’s a path of strife, not peace. That’s a path of striving for what you think is fulfillment, and never being able to quite taste what you’re striving for because you can never live up to being that piece, that person.

It just doesn’t come naturally to you, so there’ll always be a struggle to be that.

That struggle is not your authentic self. And your authentic self, is the best you. It’s owning and fully loving who God created you to be and pursuing the things that come naturally to you. .
God gave you seeds of talent, and it’s through work that those seeds bloom into something that others will then want to be, and that you’ll be most fulfilled doing.

Don’t be that person that wants to be someone else. Be you. Be fully you. .
That’s the place where you will be filled with peace in what your pursue. It will just feel good. And you’ll likely have people complementing you, and giving you praise for how good you do that, which is just you, being the best you, you can be.

You’re special.
You’re unique.
You’re specifically designed by the Creator.

Pray He will give you peace and direction to know exactly how your gifts and talents should be used, and let the peace He provides guide your decisions.

You’re loved!



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