Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser

When it comes to decisions, we can overcomplicate things, giving people unnecessary explanations.
But we don’t need to.

People may not understand a decision, and that’s okay.
They may feel disappointed, upset, or even angry.
So be it, you’re not here to please people.
You’re here to please God.

So, listen to Him, and let Him guide your decisions.
And don’t worry about explaining your decisions to others who don’t understand, or who want you to make a different decision because it’s in their best interests, which tends to be the case.

You may not even know why you want to say no.
It may seem logical to say yes, but something in your heart is telling you to say no.

That’s God’s wisdom at work in your life.
That’s what’s protecting you and guiding you to the right decision.

That uneasy feeling isn’t there by accident.
Listen to it and steer away from whatever causes it.

Trust God’s nudge; it’s wisdom.
You’ll save yourself from heartache you can’t even see.
And you’ll be blessed. (Proverbs 16:20)

So, let people’s opinions be blown away in the wind.
Go where God guides.
God is good.



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