Does God get priority?

How we spend our time is the purest reflection of what we value the most.
How are you spending your time?

Does God get priority?
If you don’t prioritize time with Him, the endless “to dos” will often eat up your time, leaving God as an afterthought.

Think about this…
We know there’s power in prayer.
We know that prayer makes a difference.

Now think about if you started each day last week, last month, last year… praying for a few minutes.

I’m speaking to myself, just as much as you.

Would our lives be any different?
Would we have more God-given wisdom that would have impacted the decisions we made?
Would we have avoided some mishaps, and mistakes?
Would we have saved ourselves some stress?

I would say, yes.

So, why don’t we do it?
Well, sometimes our mind immediately starts thinking about what we have to do that day.
Sometimes, we’re more interested in getting our latest phone updates than getting connected to God.
And sometimes, we want to sleep in a bit, and then have to rush into our day.

But, regardless, it’s so important to give priority to God, each day.
It will set your day up for the most success.
It will set your attitude for the day.
It will impact your perspective.
It will make you wiser.

So, I encourage you, make it a habit.
Make it a non-negotiable part of your day, to start your day in prayer.
Time spent with God is never a waste of time.
It’s a valuable investment.
Make that investment.
You’ll reap rewards.



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