Stay persistent in prayer

Imagine if everything you prayed for came true.
How much would you pray?
Probably every day, all day.

God wants us in a continual relationship with Him.
God wants us in continual prayer with Him.

That doesn’t mean praying around the clock.
It means as you go through your day, consult God in prayer… let prayers be your starting point, not your last resort.

A last resort prayer, is a “I’ve tried everything else in my own strength” prayer that says “well, I might as well pray, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

That is a defeated, empty, unbelieving prayer.

Pray with faith!
Pray expecting.

And if it doesn’t happen instantly, does that mean God didn’t answer the prayer?

It means you stay persistent… it means you continue to pray about whatever that situation is.

God wants us praying, prayer makes a difference, so put the prayer pressure on.
Stay consistent, and stay persistent.

And watch what God does in your life.



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