God has a specific time table

God has a specific time table.
Sometimes we may like that time table, and sometimes we don’t.

Often when we don’t is when the time isn’t right yet, and we are waiting and wanting.

Maybe you’re praying about living in a different place, starting a new job, meeting a spouse, or something else… but, you’re waiting and wanting.

Rest assured that God is never late.
He’s always on time.

You may be praying for something, and the time just isn’t right yet.

Keep praying.
Keep trusting.
Keep thanking God that His timing is perfect.

There may be things happening that you don’t realize… things God is orchestrating that need to happen for your prayer to be answered.

Have peace, and be patient, knowing that God is always working on your behalf.
Have peace, and be patient, knowing God has great things in store for you.
Have peace, and be patient, knowing that if a door closes, God has a greater door He intends to open for you.

God is faithful.
Do your part, and stay faithful.

Keep believing.
Keep praying.

Trust God’s timing.
Great things that your heart desires are on the horizon.



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