You are valuable

Every day, as we go about our day, there are messages of inadequacy coming our way.

It commonly comes through the hundreds of ads that we’re exposed to.

It’s message, after message that in essence says…
“Your life will be better when you buy this.”

You want to look better?
Buy this.

You want to feel better?
Buy this.

You want to be smarter?
Buy this.

And whether we realize or not…
That can take a toll.

It can pollute the truth that God wonderfully made you.
(Psalm 139:14)

Your looks…

Your abilities…

You were carefully crafted in every way to make you perfectly you.

That should be celebrated…
Not a secret.

So, while I’m not saying that buying things to enhance your life are bad, I am saying, let’s be aware of the motivation behind the message.

You are not inadequate without buying something someone is selling.

Your value does not come from things…
It comes from God.

You have always been priceless.
You will always be priceless.

You are special…
Just being you.



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