When you feel frustrated…
It can be easy to let your emotions run wild.
It can be easy to get upset.
It can be easy to quit.

But when you feel frustrated…
Take it as a signal.

A signal to take a pause, to take a deep breath.
A signal to ask God for help.
A signal to pray.

When we ask for help, He’ll help
(Psalm 50:15)

He’s always ready to help.
(Psalm 46:1)

So, when you’re feeling frustrated…
Don’t just rely on yourself.
Don’t bare the weight.

Ask for help.

You’ll be activating the God-given power you’ve been given through God’s promises.
You’ll put less stress on yourself to solve something.
You’ll be choosing God-dependence…
Over self-reliance.

So, when frustration strikes…
You do your best to step back and give it to God.
Ask Him for help.
He’ll help.

You’ll be better off.
God is good.



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