When God answers a prayer or works in your life… write it down

A few months ago I started writing down “God moments”… moments in my life that I feel undoubtedly had God working in them.

It’s a list that I keep on my phone to look at when going through a challenging situation or feel any doubt.

It’s a tangible reminder to not only use prayer, praise, and the Word of God as weapons against things that come my way, but to recall how God has worked in my life.

It’s a faith builder, and I encourage you to create your own list!

It will feed your faith, when any situation or thoughts try to bring you down.

It will reinforce, and refresh your mind that God’s been there for you before, and He’ll be there for you again.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8

It will help you step back from any situation you face, and step into thinking about how great the God is you serve, and how great He has been to you.

The devil is always on the attack.
He’ll try to squeeze God’s goodness out of your mind, with distractions.

Your list is a weapon against that.
Your list is part of your arsenal.

Let it comfort you.
Let it strengthen your faith.

It doesn’t matter if your list is 2 things, or 20 things… it’s fuel that will add fire to your faith.

And when God gets your through anything, add it to your list.

Let it be another reminder.
Let it be more strength added to the next thing you face.

Yes, there will be a next thing.
We’re all going to face challenges in this world.

But strength redefines what we consider a challenge.
It leads us to look at, and response to things differently.

Something that may knock the next person down, isn’t going to knock you down!

You stand on a strong foundation!
You stand on the rock that is Jesus Christ!

You may feel the storm winds blowing, but you also feel your feet planted solid!

Feeling your feet planted solid, is comfort in your heart.

And as all storms pass, your situation will pass.

The landscape may have changed, but where you’re standing did not.

Your rock, Jesus Christ, is immovable.

Stay strong!
Stand strong!
Start your list today!

You’re loved.


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