Reminder to you about you

You’re special!
You’re unique!

You have gifts and talents that no one else has!

You’re loved!
You have the ability to accomplish great things with God!
You’re a great friend!

You encourage people!
You lift people up!
You make people better!

You help people grow stronger in their faith!
Your life is an example of what it means to be a Christian!
You have so much to offer!

You are stronger than you think or realize!
You get through challenges that make other people crumble!
You’re a warrior in God’s kingdom!

Nothing keeps you down!
Nothing stops you!

You stand on the rock that is Jesus Christ, and when the winds of life come, you stand strong and steady.

You are talented!
You have a God given destiny to fulfill that doesn’t exist for part of your life, but your entire life.

You are disciplined.
You strive to live more Christ-like every day.

You don’t let the devil put any negativity in your mind.
You keep your mind focused on the good.
You keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

You know Jesus is your strength.
You know God will get you through anything you face.

You keep stepping forward.
You stay committed to what you’ve committed to.

Your faith does not waver.
Your faith stays strong and only grows stronger.

You know this life isn’t about accumulating things, but instead impacting lives and being a positive influence.

You put God first in your life.
You glorify God for everything.

You stay consistent in prayer, and consistent in your pursuit of a relationship with God.

You know that when you draw near to God, He draws near to you, so you keep drawing near to Him, because you know there’s no better place than being close to God.

You know any negative words spoken against you aren’t true – they are just attempts from the devil to tear you down.

You let any negativity that comes into your mind leave as quickly as it came.

You know that you are a conqueror who stands with Christ.

You know that the Bible is the blue print to life and reading it consistently is the key to a strong Christian life.

You know walking through life with God is the greatest life you could ever live.

You know these truths, so keep these truths in your mind.

Because it’s these truths that lead to your thoughts, that lead to how you live your life.

Let these truths fill your mind, so they flow out of your life.



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