Flee, devil

You’re hated…
By the devil.

Because you’re not fooled…
By the devil.

You know, his tricks.
Because you know, the truth.
You know, God.

And you don’t just know, the truth…
You live, the truth.

You don’t just know, God…
You’re a child of God.

Come on, now!

The devil isn’t playing games.
And neither are you.

You’re his target.
But you’ll never be his victim.

You fight from victory…
Not for victory.
(1 Cor. 15:57)

But that doesn’t stop him.
Your faithfulness…
Infuriate him.

He’ll try to knock you down, distract you, discourage you, do whatever he can do, to disrupt you…
To distance you from God…
To destroy your faith.

That’s his purpose.

But he won’t have success, with you.
You have God, in you.

You have a shield of protection, around you.
Nothing evil is going to, touch you.

That’s you.

So, when he tries his tactics…
You rebuke him.

No, no, not today, devil.
You’ve got no place in my life, devil.
Let me remind you, devil.
Christ is King, devil.

When you do that…
He has no choice, but to flee.
It’s a Biblical promise.
(James 4:7)



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