A Christ-centered life is a supernatural life

Walking with God can sometimes be stereotypically viewed as a boring life.
But, that’s just the devil’s deception.

Truth is, a Christ-centered life is a supernatural life.
It’s full of unexplainable things that can only be explained as God at work.
And when those moments happen, nothing can match the exhilaration felt.

It’s thrilling.
It floods you with joy.
It floods you with thanksgiving.
It energizes you.

You become even more in awe of how great God is.
You want to praise Him, and honor Him more, because He’s so good.
And your faith deepens.

Whatever the world has to offer, I’m not interested.
It can’t compare.

God’s in my driver’s seat.
Because there is no better life for me.
And I want the same for you.

Let’s trust Him.
And let’s see what God does.
It will be nothing short of amazing.
God is good.



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