Keep your cup full

You have one person who…
Goes to church 1-2 times per month, never opens the Bible, never spends quiet time praying.

You have another person who…
Makes it a habit to listen to encouraging Biblical messages every week, reads the Bible consistently, sets aside time to pray daily.

Whose faith do you think is stronger?
The answer is easy.

You want strong faith?
Feed your faith.

Think of it like a cup of water.
You want to keep it full.

It may be full from a Sunday service…
But, when Monday comes…
Life pokes holes…
Drip, drip.

There are distractions…
Drip, drip.

There are challenges…
Drip, drip.

There’s all sorts of things that will try to drain your cup to drain your faith.

That’s why it’s so important to fill your cup, daily…
Not occasionally.

You do that by prioritizing God, daily…
Not occasionally.

That’s a healthy, hydrated faith!
That’s a strong faith!

That’s a faith that isn’t stressed by obstacles, but is excited to see God’s power shine through them.
That’s a joyful life.

You have a well that will forever fill your cup.
You just need to go to it, daily…
So, prioritize God, daily.

You do that, and your cup won’t just be full…
It will overflow.

It won’t just overflow…
It will flow into other people’s lives, so much so, that your life will attract others to Christ.

That’s a powerful life!

That’s your life…
Just choose it.



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