Never minimize your potential

Never minimize your potential.

Just because you’re not a pastor or a missionary or whatever you may define as an impactful thing… don’t let the impact that exists in you go unexpressed.

God has given us all the ability and desire to make an impact.

God has given us all unique gifts and talents to be used to glorify Him.

We live in a world that likes to compare.

People compare, but God doesn’t want us comparing.

How do you compare something unique to something else unique?

You can’t.

And God has made us all unique according to what His will is for our lives.

Comparing is an endless, unsatisfying quest.

God operates on a level far beyond anything we can comprehend.

Small things on the surface, could very well be key pivotal moments that God wants you to be a part of… you just need to be willing… you just need to do your part according to what God puts on your heart.

Maybe that’s volunteering in a specific ministry in your church you feel drawn to.

Maybe it’s being friendly and encouraging to people you come into contact with.

Maybe it’s having a conversation with someone you just met and an opportunity presents itself to share your testimony.

There are so many moments that may seem small but have grand implications beyond what you or I can see.

A moment or ministry or act of Jesus that you may hesitate to do because you may think is small could impact someone who in turn impacts millions.

Let’s not waste a moment to represent Jesus when we can.

Let’s never let any impact we can make to the Kingdom of God, no matter what size, or what visibility, or lack of appreciation from people, deter us from contributing to God’s Kingdom.

Any action, any effort we do with a pure heart for God, will be fulfilling, will never be a waste, and will always have implications beyond what we can directly see.

Enjoy how God directs you, and let your unique impact be made… each and every day!

You were created to do special things. Let the impact in you out!



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