Relax, let God be God

You need to stop worrying.
You need to take a deep breath and relax.

God is right with you in your situation.
God has never not been there for you.
God will never not be there for you.

You can trust that He will guide you.
You can trust that He will work in your specific situations for your good.
You need to save yourself the stress of worrying about what’s going to happen with this or that.

God doesn’t want us worrying.
God doesn’t want us stressing about things.

He wants us trusting Him.
He wants us casting our cares and burdens on Him.

We weren’t created to walk around with stress and worry.
We were created to serve, honor, and glorify God.
We serve, honor, and glorify God by trusting Him.
Not trusting Him 85% or 95%, but 100%.

Think about it, has he ever done something that would make you not trust Him?
Has He worked in situations in your life that you only realize in hindsight, of how good He was to get you through those situations?

He deserves our trust, our full trust, with every aspect of our lives.

There is such peace and release in trusting God, fully.
There is such peace and release in going to Him with any challenge we’re facing and asking Him to work in that situation, as only He can.
There is such peace and release in asking God for wisdom, for guidance, for nudging us towards the decisions we should make, and steering us away from the decision we shouldn’t make.

A decision made in peace, is a decision made trusting God.
God gave us the compass of peace to guide our decisions.
Let’s listen to it.

If you feel uneasy about something, that is God telling you, this isn’t what He wants you to do.

We are each beautifully built with that guidance in us.

Don’t shy away from that feeling… don’t try to ignore that feeling because you really want to make the decision that God is trying to keep you from making.

We don’t know the outcome of that decision.
We don’t know what we may miss out on that God intended for us by making a self-reliant decision.

Trust God.
Trust His all-knowing guidance.

Let that internal feeling of peace, that feels so good when it’s felt, direct your steps, as those steps are taking you in the direction that God wants you to go.

Great joy comes from listening to God, and where joy lives, worry has no home.
And where God is trusted, worry will vanish.



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