In Jesus name

The devil perverts everything of God.
Is it any surprise that the devil has made the name of Jesus a name to be used in a profane way…
A name to be taken in vain.
A name to be abused.

The world is full of figures to worship.
But, I’ve always found it interesting that Jesus is the only figure who’s name is used in a profane way.
That’s not by accident.
It’s by intention.

It’s the devil’s attempt to stomp on the name of Jesus…
To minimize the name of Jesus.

He knows there’s power in the name of Jesus.
He fears the name of Jesus.

So, he resorts to poisoning how the name of Jesus is used.
And the world takes the bait.

The devil couldn’t care less about who (or what) you worship, except if it’s Jesus.
Because everything else is a distraction from Jesus…
It’s separation from Jesus.
And that’s his goal.

Only Jesus is a threat.
Only the name of Jesus has power.
Even the demons bow down.

“Whenever the impure spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, ‘You are the Son of God.'”
(Mark 3:11, NIV)

So, whenever you find yourself in a storm, in a struggle, in a battle, in a challenge…
Know you’re not weaponless.

You’ve got power in the name of Jesus.

It’s strength.
It’s protection.
It’s peace.
It’s wisdom.
It’s help.
It’s assurance.
It’s victory.
And so much more.

Hold on tight to the name of Jesus.
Use the name of Jesus.

Declare His name in your life, and your situations.
Call on His name for help.
It’s powerful.
Use it.



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