The answer is always, go to God

If you have a need, go to God.
If you’re in a tough situation, go to God.
If you have a big decision to make, go to God.
If you need healing, go to God.

God is always the answer.
God is greater than anything we can imagine.
God wants to walk with you and work in your life, and the more you walk with Him, the more He will work in your life.

The more you seek Him, the more in tune you will be to walk with Him, and make decisions that align to His will for you life… decisions that are the best for you, decisions that lead to the least heartache, decisions that will lead to the least stress, because your dependent on Him to guide you, not for you to guide yourself in your own strength.

Whatever you need, go to God.
Big, small, it doesn’t matter, God cares about what you care about.
Maybe it’s a new car.
Maybe it’s a new relationship.
Maybe it’s a new job.
Maybe it’s, whatever.

God wants to be a part of it, because God wants to be a part of all aspects of your life… you just have to talk with Him, pray about it, ask for guidance, ask for wisdom, seek Him.

God is marvelous.
God is miraculous.
God loves you.



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