Follow Him, fully

There was a wealthy man who ran up to Jesus, fell to his knees, and asked how he could receive eternal life.
(Mark 10:17)

Jesus told him to give his wealth to the poor, and come follow Him. (Mark 10:21)

But, the man loved his wealth.
He couldn’t part with it.
He went away sad.

The man couldn’t loosen the grip on his wealth.
He may have thought he owned his wealth.
But, his wealth owned him.
And Jesus knew it.

What about you?
Is there an area of your life you’re gripping tight?

“Oh, I trust God, I’m surrendered, but when it comes to this thing over here, oh no, that’s my thing.”

Is that you?

If so, I want to encourage you to loosen your grip.
I want to encourage you to dive deeper into trusting God.
I want to encourage you to surrender, fully.

It’s a decision you’ll never regret.
It’s better than the benefit of what you’re holding onto.
It’s a blessed life.

Loosen that grip.
Open it up.

Don’t miss out on what’s possible by following God partially.

Follow Him, fully.



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