Seeds of faith, can grow to forests of faith

What if…
Trust God.

I know but…
Trust God.

But I need to know…
Trust God.

Do you know how precise God is?

He is extremely precise.
His timing is so consistent and so specific.

The Bible is filled with stories of His precision.

And we think God is late because we want something now.

We get impatient with God because we want things on our timeline, and if God isn’t doing things on our timeline, we start doing things our own way, and start consulting with Him in prayer less, and stop listening for that inner peace of what direction we should go, because we’re too busy trying to force that thing we want to happen.

And as the process of doing it our way unfolds, because we want what we want, when we want it, no matter what, our trust in God plummets, and our relationship with Him distances.

We’re selfish.
We’re arrogant… not necessarily arrogant in boosting about ourselves, but in relying on ourselves.

Self-reliance is arrogance. It’s thinking we know best.

But here’s the thing…
You were not made to rely on yourself.

None of us were made to rely on ourselves.

We were created to rely on God.

He is the source.
He sustains us.
He gives us everything we need, and more… comfort, love, wisdom, resources, talent, everything!

We all need to go to God more.
We all need to trust God more in every facet of our lives.

Choosing self-reliance is a step away from the best that God has planned for your life, which comes from reliance on Him.

Recently I was working on something and had to make a decision.

There were two clear choices.

Choice A made the most logical sense. It was crystal clear from the facts that it was the best option.

Choice B wasn’t a bad option, it just made less sense… but with B, I felt an internal tug to choose it, even though the facts were pointing me away.

What did I do?
I went with logic.
I ignored the direction that that feeling was giving me.
I chose A.

Then, a day later I learned that choice wasn’t going to work out for a reason, I didn’t learn until I went through making the wrong choice.

I then made the decision to pursue choice B, and what I was trying to accomplish worked out.

This wasn’t a major make or break situation I faced, but it made me laugh to myself, for how dumb I was to choose logic over a tug on the heart from God.

Listening to that tug would have saved me time.

Listening to that tug would have saved me from learning why choice A, was a bad choice, which I didn’t need to know.

All I needed to know was, what is God telling me to do, and whatever that is, that’s my decision.

I don’t want to be wasting time learning lessons that God is trying to help me skip.

What lessons are you learning that you don’t need to spend time learning?

What lessons are you learning that you should be skipping over, and ahead of with God?

God has great things to teach you that are critical to what He has in store for you, but time is short, life passes quickly, and if God says let’s move past something, to more important things, let’s not let our logic or self-reliant thoughts, slow us down, from where God wants to take us.

Let’s not stop God in any way from what He wants to do in our lives, because we get caught up in what we see, and make decisions based off of that, instead of full reliance on what God wants us to do.

We will never go wrong trusting God.
We will never go wrong trusting God.
We will never go wrong trusting God.

I need to say it three times, because we need to never forget it.

What are you not trusting God with?

What is it in your life that you need to hand over to God, and say “Lord, I trust you with this. I let go, and lift this to you. I completely trust you.”

It can be easy to trust God in some things, but hard to trust God in all things.

Is there some area of your life that’s hard to trust God with?

I give you a small challenge, that I believe will change you.

Make a decision for 1 week, to fully trust God with whatever you struggle to trust Him with.

Make a commitment for 1 week, to say I am completely letting go of this thing, and I’m not going to let a thought of worry come into my mind about it.

For 1 week, any time a worry or concern tries to come into your mind about that thing, say no!
Don’t let that thought breathe.
The second it comes into your mind, pray and praise God instead.

“Lord, I’ve committed this to you, and I will not worry about it. I will not be anxious about it. You are in control. You are working in my life. You will take care of this. Thank you, Lord, that you’re in full control.”

And every single time a negative worry-filled thought comes to your mind for that week, you fight it, you beat it down immediately, you stop your mind from letting that thought expand in your mind, and you declare your trust in God, through a prayer, like the one above.

Every, single, time.

You do that, and you will be planting powerful seeds of faith in you.

Give it to God for a week.

Take a step of full fearless faith in God for a week.

And watch that seed of a week, sprout strong roots that can grow your faith into a forest.

You’re loved.



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