Obstacles are not a sign that God doesn’t want you to pursue something.
If you get knocked down, get up!

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again…”
-Proverbs 24:16, NLT

The only thing that should stop you is a lack of peace.
But if you have it, press on.

An obstacle, a challenge, a mistake – these are nothing but learning moments.
They’re not there to stop you; they’re there to help you grow.

Just like a muscle doesn’t grow unless it’s stretched, flexed, and challenged, you won’t grow unless you’re stretched, flexed, and faced with resistance.

So, accept and expect hurdles and roadblocks along the way.
They’re preparing you for where you’re going.
Don’t ever let them deter you.

Embrace them.
Learn from them.
Apply what you learn.

They’re all stepping stones.
They’re all lessons, helping you progress.

Stay persistent!
Keep close to God!
You’re on your way to where God wants you to be.

And this applies to you just as much if you’re 18, 80, or any other age.

If you have breath in your lungs, you have purpose.
Keep moving forward with whatever God has placed in your heart.

You’re loved,


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