Talk to God like a good friend

A good friend…
They’ve seen the best of you.
They’ve seen the worst.
They’ve seen your successes.
They’ve seen your failures.
They know you.

There’s no mask.
There’s no pretending.
There’s no guard.

Conversations are open.
They’re authentic.
They’re real.

That’s the type of relationship God wants with you.

It’s not about formalities.
It’s not about praying a right way.
There is no ‘right way’.

Prayer is right.

Just talk to God like a close friend.
Because that’s who He is.

With a close friend, you don’t withhold things.
No, you’re open about everything.
Be that way with God.

Stay in conversation with Him throughout your day.
There’s no moment that’s too little.

Need a parking spot?
“Lord, help me find a parking spot.”

I’ve done that.
I do that.

And too many times to count, a parking spot becomes available quickly after that prayer.
It’s not too small of a prayer.
God cares.

In every aspect of your life…
He cares.

You’ll only benefit by staying in continual conversation with Him throughout your day.
Express your frustrations.
Express your desires.
Express your need for help.
Express your joys.
All of it.

Living in ongoing conversation, ongoing prayer, with God, will deepen your relationship.
It will take your trust in Him to a deeper level.
It will strengthen your faith.

Time creates closeness.
The more time spent with a friend, the closer your relationship.
And so it is with God.

So, stay in conversation with Him.
Pray throughout the day.
It’s what He wants.
(1 Thess. 5:17)

You’ll be in tune with Him.
You’ll be receptive to His nudges.
You’ll be favored.
You’ll be wiser.

You’ll be blessed.



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