When something encourages you, save it, and reread it

We have obstacles daily.
We need encouragement daily.

Reading something that feeds you once isn’t enough.
If it speaks to you… save it, and read it again, and again, and again.

There are too many distractions.
There are too many things competing for our attention every day.
There is too much going on, that’s trying to distract our walk with God.

And the devil loves this, because it’s distractions that disable us.

It’s distractions that lead us to lose focus on God.
It’s distractions that lead us to forget the strength we have in God.
It’s distractions that lead us to become self-consumed.

Don’t let life fill your mind with distractions.

Stay focused.
Refresh you mind.
Keep truths top of mind.

Read, reread, and read again what uplifts you, so that it will stay in your mind, and keep uplifting you.

Words that encourage you, don’t just encourage you… they encourage, and flow through you to encourage others.

We need encouragement engrained in us, so it becomes armor.

Not armor that replaces the word of God, but words of armor that compliment the word of God.

Build that armor strong by staying in the word of God every day, and rereading things that encourage you every day.

Stay strong.
Stand strong.
And keep getting stronger.



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