Think truth

Things happen in life that we can’t control.
But, when it comes to our thoughts…
We’re in full control.

Take two people.

One who thinks…
Why do I have to deal with this?
That person has it so easy.
It’s always something.

One who thinks…
God is going to intervene in a special way.
God is greater than my situation.
God is my helper.
God is good.

Who do you think drags through their day?
Who do you think feels lousy?
Who do you think sulks?

Who do you think is walking in faith?
Who do you think is joyful?
Who trusts God?

Your thoughts…
They matter.

Everything else…
It follows.

Your attitude…
It follows.

Your actions…
It follows.

Your faith…
It follows.

So, I want to encourage you…
Don’t give defeated thoughts a home.
You’ll deflate your faith.
You’ll destroy your joy.

Give truth a home.

You will be taken care of by God.
You will be helped by God.
That’s truth.

You have God-given gifts, and talents.
You have God-given purpose.
That’s truth.

You are endlessly loved by God.
You are a child of God.
That’s truth.

You have a soul that’s secure.
You have salvation.
That’s truth.

So, when the devil tries to discourage you…
Kill those thoughts with truth.
Stand firm on truth.

You have a sword in God’s Word.
You have a shield.
Use it.

The battle is not questionable.
You have victory…
Thank Jesus.

You are unconquerable…
Thank Jesus.

Walk in that victory.
Think truth.



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