Don’t let a mistake distance you from God.
That’s what the devil wants.

He wants to whisper…
“You did that, and you call yourself a Christian?”
“You hypocrite!”

He wants you to think you’re not good enough to call yourself a Christian.

He wants you to forget your faith.
He wants you to forget Jesus.

Well guess what?
Forget his lies.

You run to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, faster than the devil tries to poison your mind.

You are fully forgiven…
Through Jesus.

That’s the truth.

Christianity isn’t a faith of perfection, it’s a faith of progress.

You keep doing your best to live a life that looks like Jesus.

You keep making progress.
You keep maturing.

Your life is going to shine Jesus, brighter, and brighter.
Your life is bright.

You stay close to the Lord.
You stay bright.



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