No scraps

Every day there is an endless stream of information and entertainment that wants to eat your time.
It wants every minute possible.

It’s designed to be as alluring as possible.

Your consumption of it…
Is their profit from it.

But just like everyone is fighting for your attention…
You need to fight for time with God.
You need to choose it.

If you don’t choose time with God…
The world will take your time.

It will serve you whatever will pique your interest…
Whatever will get you to click.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy entertainment.
I’m not saying that at all.

But I am saying don’t let phone scrolling and TV watching take all your time.
It happily will.

Don’t let it leave you with scraps for God.
God deserves quality time…
Not scraps of time.

What’s the best way to give Him quality time?
Start your day with Him.

The truth of our priorities is in our actions.
When we start the day with some prayer and some Scripture, we’re making a specific choice to put God first.
You’re saying when it comes to my life…
God gets my best.

You’ll have a ripple effect of benefit.
You’ll be blessed.

You’ll always be better off…
When God is at the center of your life.
That’s your best life.

When you start your day with Christ…
You take a step to that life.
Make that choice.



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