Fight for time with God, daily

Fight for time with God, daily.
Fight for prioritizing time with Him and time in the Word, daily.

The world is full of shiny things, vying for your attention.

There has never in the history of the world been more things to entertain, all endlessly available on all the screens we look at daily… and the devil loves it.

The more we are distracted, the more our minds are filled with hollow things, the happier he is.

Anything that keeps us away from dedicated, daily time with God, is a daily victory for the devil.

Because a distracted mind is a mind that’s no threat to him.

Be a threat!
Be alive in your faith!
Be someone who starts the day in prayer and the Bible.
Be someone who reflects the Word to those you know.

The Word is strength.
Grab hold of that strength.
Build that strength, daily.
And the presence of God in your life, will be felt.



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