Jesus is greater

We’ve all made mistakes.
And we’ll continue to make mistakes.
We’re not perfect.

But, don’t let mistakes push you away from God.
That’s what the devil wants.

He uses mistakes as bait to defeat your faith.
He wants to shine a spotlight on mistakes, to get your mind thinking thoughts of…
“I’m not a good Christian.”
“I’m a hypocrite.”

Anything to poison your relationship with God.
Anything to distance you from God.
That’s his goal.

I’ve got one thing to tell you…
Jesus is greater than your mistakes. (1 John 1:7)
Jesus died on the cross for your past mistakes, and your future mistakes. (Psalm 103:12)
Go to Him and ask for forgiveness. (1 John 1:9)
You’ll be forgiven. (Hebrews 4:16)

And keep marching forward in your faith…
Keep striving to live like Jesus.

The destination isn’t perfection, it’s to have a greater Jesus reflection.

So, keep walking with Jesus, every day.
Keep asking for forgiveness.
Keep maturing.

And your reflection of Jesus will become greater, and greater…
Brighter, and brighter.

You may not be a pastor, but an authentic, honest life lived for Jesus, will attract more people to Jesus than you’ll ever know.

So, don’t let the devil use mistakes to discourage you, or distort God’s truth.
Truth is the price was paid on the cross.
Truth is you can walk in grace.
Truth is you’re forgiven.

Truth is you’re walking with Jesus.
Truth is people will see Jesus in you, more, and more.
Truth is you’re a child of the King.
Truth is you’re loved.

And it’s all because of Jesus…
Thank you, Jesus!



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