Give God priority

It’s easy for days to disappear…
For time to be eaten up.

But giving time to God every day is so important.

There’s a sea of blessings for you to swim in.
But it requires your choice…
Give God priority.

If you don’t choose it…
It won’t happen.

You need to decide…
I’m going to start each day in prayer.
That’s showing priority.

You need to decide…
I’m going to feed my soul Scripture.
That’s showing priority.

You get the point.

I can’t stress how much goodness comes from prioritizing God.

You’ll be blessed beyond anything you could expect.
You’ll be rewarded.
(Hebrews 11:6)

Find out for yourself.
Give God priority.

You’ll see His fingerprints all over your life.
You’ll see His wonder at work.
Give God priority.



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