Your impact is greater than you know

We live in a society that tends to judge anything that’s bigger as better.

Such as, a pastor of a big church must be better than a pastor of a smaller church.

Or, preaching is more impactful than greeting people who arrive at church or helping set up chairs.

God’s Kingdom doesn’t work like that.

Everyone plays a different role, but not better or worse roles, just different.

What matters is obedience.

God smiles when you are obedient to Him.

Have great joy knowing that whatever you do in service to the Lord is of great impact.

My mom became a Christian at 12 years old and has been the best example of what it means to be a Christian through the way she acts and lives her life.

That has impacted me profoundly and in turn has been a big contributor in who I am today, which has all worked together to this moment, of writing you this encouragement.

Did that lady who spoke to my mom about the Lord when she was 12, know, that that conversation would contribute to this moment?

How could she?

That lady probably felt a nudge to share her faith with my mom, without any knowledge of the ripple effect decades later.

It’s not for us to know all the details of our actions.
It’s not for us to judge actions as big or small.

It’s our job to obey God when we have the conviction to do something.
It’s our job to seek ways to be used by Him.
It’s our job to have an open heart to do whatever He wants us to do.

And doing that, we can rest assured that whatever we do, has an impact greater than we can imagine, that ripples through the future.

Keep that perspective in mind and you’ll find more joy in all that you do, as all that you do, will be unto the Lord, and impacting His Kingdom.



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