A day without prayer is a day without power

What do you when you’re faced with a challenging situation?
What’s your immediate reaction?

Is it to grit your teeth and figure out a way to deal with the situation?
Is it to find someone to help?
Is it to quit whatever it is?

It may be all of the above, depending on the situation, but let me encourage you.

Whatever situation life may present, big or small, pray.

It doesn’t mean you need to stop what you’re doing and find a quiet place to pray.

It doesn’t need to be formal like that, at all.

Just to yourself… pray.

Such as, “Lord, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this or solve this, and I’m not going to depend on myself to do so. I pray, Lord, that you will work in this situation, and help me through this.”

We take too many things on our shoulders.

We tend to rush into things, to try to solve things, based on our experience and knowledge.

We will always be better off trusting and depending on God, but we have to make the decision to actually trust and depend on Him.

And a clear way to do so, is lift any challenge you’re facing to Him.

He will work.


It may be wisdom that drops into your mind to handle the situation.

It may be a thought to reach out to a particular person, or a particular person that reaches out to you.

It may be a variety of things, but a life lived close to God, is a life that consistently consults with God.

And a life lived close to God, is a life that God directs, because you’re open to be guided by God.

Just like with anyone, the more you talk to someone, the closer you are to them.

Be close to God.

Talk to Him.
Pray consistently.
Lift your concerns to Him.

God will intervene in as many situations as you invite Him.
Go to Him, before going to your own solutions.

Your peace, will increase.
Your outcomes, will improve.



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