Don’t let your mind outthink your heart – listen to God over logic

Sometimes things make sense in your mind, but they don’t make sense in your heart.

Sometimes logic tells us certain decisions seem right, but we feel unsettled inside.

That’s God speaking to us.

He speaks to us through our conscience.

He uses peace to guide us in the direction He wants us to go, and an uneasy feeling to steer us away from paths we should stay away from.

And fighting that feeling, going against His will because you want that decision made your way, only makes it worse.

That uneasy feeling will build with each step you take in that deliberately mistaken direction.

You can deafen that feeling by avoiding God.
Avoiding prayer.
Avoiding time in the Word.

People do that all the time.
They want things their way, even if it’s to their detriment.

Don’t be that person.
Don’t make that painful mistake.
Don’t think you know best.
Don’t let the desires of what you think you want overcome the direction God is trying to give you.

It’s self-inflicted pain for the people that choose their wisdom over God’s wisdom.

It’s fighting against God’s protection.
It’s fighting against what God wants for them, which is their best.

God always wants the best for us.
He always wants us to make the right decision to be in His will, which is exactly where we should want to be.

It’s where we feel fulfilled and filled with purpose because it’s right where God created us to be.

We need to remember that He always has our best interest at heart, and while we can think we know best, He’s the only one that truly knows what’s best.

He sees the whole map of our lives.
He has the full view.
He created the map.

We only see down the street.

Let us always trust His direction.
Let us always try to stay in tune with His nudges.

You want these nudges to be felt stronger?
Get closer to God.

Stay consistent in prayer.
Stay consistent in praise.
Stay consistent in spending time in His presence, and in His Word.

Keep that up, and the stronger these feelings will be felt, and the clearer your guidance will be.

A God-guided life is a regret free life.
A God-driven choice is always the right choice.
A God obedient life is your most blessed life!

Live that life!



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