If it’s fed…
It thrives.

If it starves…
It dies.

It’s as true of our bodies…
As our minds.

What thoughts are you feeding yourself?

This isn’t going to work?
This is too hard?

That’s self-defeating.

But if?
What if?

That’s fear-filling.

Those thoughts nourish negativity.
They water worry.

They don’t bring health.
They bring hurt.

They have no place in your life.
Starve them!

The best way to starve them is to align your mind to Christ, to align your mind to truth.
That’s a healthy mind.
That’s a healthy life.

There’s no defeat in Christ.
And Christ is in you!

You have victory through Christ!
You’re a child of the King.

That’s you!

You may have tough days, and tough challenges, but that doesn’t change who you are.
You’re set apart. (Jeremiah 1:5)
You’re royal. (1 Peter 2:9)

That’s you!

The God of the universe knows you by name, created you not by chance, but with specificity.
He wants to walk with you.
He wants to help you.

That’s you!

The devil doesn’t want joy bubbling out of you.
He wants you sulking.
He wants you sad.

When you’re filled with hope…
You’re a threat to him.
You’re healthy.

That’s you!

So, when thoughts of negativity try to sprout…
You know who they’re from.
You know the intention.

Pour the truth of who you are, over them.
You’ll cleanse your mind of them.
You’ll kill them.

You’ll send the devil running away. (James 4:7)
But, he’ll be back another day.
But, you’ll be ready.

You fight from victory, not for victory.
You remember that.

You’re unconquerable.
Thank Christ.



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