One truth

We live in a world where people want to define truth.
They want to decide what’s right and wrong.
They think they know best.

But a Christian life convicts that arrogance.
It opposes their buffet of beliefs.
It opposes their “truth”.

A Christian life says…
I’m here to glorify God, not myself.
I’m here to serve, not be served.
I’m here to live like Jesus.

A Christian life says…
I’m not the source of truth.
Truth is from God.
Truth is God.

So, if you’re mocked, made fun of, or lied about…
Don’t be surprised by it.
You’ll experience it.
(John 15:20)

You’re shining Jesus, and that’s offensive to those with self-defined beliefs.

When it happens…
Don’t let your emotions get wrapped up in it…
That’s the intention of it.
Don’t give it power.

When it happens…
Don’t be discouraged, or deterred by it…
You’re not in the wrong.
You’re living right.

When it happens…
Know that God is ahead of it.
You’re going to be blessed because of it.
You’re going to be rewarded.
(Matthew 5:11-12)

It’s a promise.



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